Indoor Facility


Four years ago I built my indoor academy in my barn in Pataskala. I am located a few blocks from Broad Street and Route 310. My academy is equipped with everything a golfer needs to take his or her game to the next level. I have the new Flightscope Xi Tour radar system . This allows the student and I to see everything such as: path, club face, angle of attack, spin, launch angle and club head speed. I also have V1 Golf video analysis on Apple TV. This allows me to bring the students swing up on the big screen and contrast and compare it to a tour player. My best students every year work with me through the winter season. What a great way to get away from the snowy weather for an hour!







"I have been a student of Matt’s for over a year and have really improved my game because of him. His indoor academy has really helped maintain my game through the winter into the spring. The Flightscope has helped me prefect my game with the provided number and the video work. I recommend working with Matt in his academy to help achieve your golf goals."

Clay Bruning