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I am so lucky to teach this game as long as I have. In my years of experience I have come to an understanding that the best players have two different swings. The driver swing is deeper (flatter) and the irons are steeper (upright). This is primarily because the driver sweeps the ball off of a tee and a good iron player compresses a divot in front of the ball. When a student is struggling I have found they are caught between methods. Basically if you were to swing a long pole your natural instincts will be to swing it around your body for power and momentum. The next time you practice try to make some rehearsal practice swings around your body with your driver and more up and down with your iron. I have taught for many years that the closer we are to the green the club needs to stay in front of your body going back and the farther you are from the green the club should swing around your body. Try these easy ideas and I bet it will help answer your swing questions and struggles.

Matt Smith Swing Tips

Matt Smith Swing Tips

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