Male Golfer of the Week

Clay Bruning

Johnstown High School

Clay has been a student of mine for two years. He will be one of the better players in his league this year. He is an all around great athlete with baseball and golf. He is always that kid who is up and on the range first thing in the morning. I enjoy working with him.


Female Golfer of the Week

Sammie Spach

Watkins Memorial High School

Sammie is going into her senior this fall. She has been a student of mine for 5 years. I’m very proud of her progress. She will be one of the better players in her league and wants to play in college or go into the PGM program.


Previous Student Bios

Week 1



Congrats to Tyler Brockwell and Trent Tipton! Both made Aces for the first time!


Big Congrats to Nick Montes finishing 3rd place in Ohio Open with a great score of -7!


Congrats to Avery Staten. 4 wins in a row!


Congrats to Olivia. 2nd place overall US kids Summer Tour!


Congrats to Lizzie Saur!
Golfweek Player of the Year


Audrey Keplar 1st COGA win!


"I have been working with Matt for over 10 years now and I credit a lot of my sucess to him. He has been a great mentor for me on and off the golf course. I know I can rely on him to help me get my game where it needs to be. We have set numerous goals over time and have achieved many and are working to achieve more."

Cameron McCloskey